FPSPI wants to hear from you!

We are accepting submissions for future FPSPI topics!

Topics with the below focus are considered:

  • A global perspective – not necessarily a global impact, but accessible to a range of global participants, likely to appeal to FPSPI participants around the globe, considerate of varying views.
  • Accessible to students and participants from 8 years to adult.
  • Includes a future perspective – likely to sustain through next 30 years – possibilities and probabilities.
  • Offers a range of themes that will lead to a variety of categories
  • Descriptor provides views that are inclusive of all stakeholders – personal/political/cultural bias not obvious

To submit a topic, you’ll be required to enter the following:

  • Topic Title (example: Trade Barriers, Endangered Animals)
  • Topic Category (Social/Political; Business/Economics; Science/Technology)
  • Topic Descriptor ( maximum 1000 characters)  The
    topic descriptor should be 5-6 sentences, a combination of
    declaratory statements and open-ended questions, and should not
    be in first person singular (ie. I, me).
  • References/Web sites (maximum 1000 characters) Please provide any references or web sites to support your topic.

We would appreciate a valid e-mail to contact you if clarifications are required.
Sometimes it is necessary for the descriptor to be altered and we’d like to ensure the fundamental intent is preserved.
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