Affiliate Program: Virginia FPS

Name: Rafa Rahman

FPS component and years of involvement: Member of TJ FPS freshman through senior year (2008 to 2012), president senior year (2011-2012); VA State Bowl participant in 2010, first place in 2011 & 2012; International Competition participant 2011, received bid 2012.

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology – rising Junior; Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering (June 2016); minoring in Public Policy with a focus on Health Policy

Current employment: Undergraduate Researcher in Niles Lab at MIT (Biological Engineering lab focused on malaria parasite genetics); Co-President of GlobeMed at MIT

How FPS has helped shape career success: Everything I do these days seems to be in the vein of Future Problem Solving! Looking at just one example, as a biological engineering major, my academics have been focused on learning about how to apply biology-based technology and engineering to a wide variety of problems we face as a society. My research is in developing a toolkit for analysis of the malaria parasite genome. While my work in the lab gets at the scientific research portion of an answer to this problem, FPS has taught me to think of the bigger picture and to take into consideration all of the inter-playing pieces in crafting a solution.

Most of my time outside classes and lab is spent thinking about global and domestic health policy. I’m heavily involved in GlobeMed at MIT, a student organization in a long-term collaboration with a non-profit called Hope through Health, which runs a system of HIV/AIDS clinics in northern Togo. Through this partnership, a large portion of our efforts go towards increasing the technological capacity at the clinic. Again, FPS has helped me develop an approach in which I look at a problem and a solution from multiple angles. We then quite literally create an action plan and implement it!