Affiliate Program: Minnesota FPS

Name: Leigh Campbell

FPS component and years of involvement: GIPS Team/Individual – grades 5 through 12;

Scenario Writing – grades 6 – 12; MNFPSP Evaluator (SW, GIPS) – 1997 to present; MNFPSP Board of Directors – 2003 to present; GIPS Team Evaluator for North Carolina – 2013 to present; FPSPI Scenario Evaluator – 2006 to present; FPS Coach (St. Charles Schools) – 2012 to present

Education: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities – B.A. summa cum laude 1999 University of Minnesota Law School – J.D. cum laude 2002

Current employment: Licensed attorney in the State of Minnesota; Freelance writer for local newspaper; Consultant and Educational Consultant for Usborne Books & More

How FPS has helped shape career success: While I use the critical and creative thinking skills I learned in FPS on a daily basis, there are two particular events in my adult life where FPS was immeasurably helpful. I was accepted to three law schools in 1999. Two were in Minnesota, and one in California. Despite the differences, all three schools were perfectly valid choices. How to choose the best one? Set up a grid, and develop focused criteria, of course! In addition to obtaining an excellent education, I made a number of good friends at the University of Minnesota Law School, met and married my husband during that time, and was able to find employment in southeast Minnesota, where both of us wanted to live and work.

In November 2010, we experienced a family-wide illness contracted from my young children’s daycare. This led to identifying “How might we develop sustainable at-home work for Leigh so that she can be available for the family, before our childcare provider goes on maternity leave?” Here, creative brainstorming was critical to thinking outside the box of typical employment for an attorney. Returning to my English major roots, freelance writing and providing quality books for children became valid options. I also researched what type of work other attorneys do from home, and determined what types of cases I would be willing to take. For three years, I’ve been happily – and yes, very busily – working from home.