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Global Future Problem Solvers

Over 250,000 students globally
have participated in the last decade!

Over 250,000 students globally have participated in the last decade

Collaborate as a Team or
participate Individually.

The impact of Future Problem Solving

You can choose from 4
programs to participate in.

As a student in the 21st Century, you are exposed to diverse and complex issues – topics such as Terraforming that have futuristic impacts, as well as issues in your own community. Future Problem Solving connects students from around the world to solve these complex problems. Our program teaches problem solving, decision making, creativity, and critical thinking skills at home or at your school. Join today and become equipped with the skills and vision to design and promote positive outcomes for society – YOU are our future!

“Future Problem Solving taught me to think critically about the world, work with a group of people to produce one cohesive work , and gave me the ability to solve everyday problems in an academic way. I use these skills everyday as a college student and will continue to use them in my professional career. My favorite memories are practicing after school with my teammates and having pure fun in the FPS Process together.”

Alexandria Roy, FPS Alumna

How FPS Works

The first step is to determine which program(s) you are interested in – Global Issues, Community Problem Solving, Scenario Performance, or Scenario Writing. Your FPS coach will register you and receive materials. Coaches can be a parent, another experienced FPSer/mentor, or a teacher. Materials are provided to enhance learning of the process and provide support and feedback. Virtual support is available through videos and instructional e-learning experiences. Everyone starts with practice topics and preliminary project deadlines to support learning through feedback/assessment. After the practice topics, competitive topics are offered for regional/state or national finals which can qualify you for the International Conference. At the International Conference you will get a chance to compete and collaborate with over 2,000 other problem solvers from all over the globe!

Student Advisory Group Future Problem Solving

The Student Advisory Group is a committee of current and recently graduated FPS participants from FPS’s 30+ affiliates. The group’s mission is to enhance youth perspective in FPS decision making, facilitate connections among FPS participants from around the globe, and provide youth research and leadership opportunities.

Who can join?

Any current FPS participant or recent graduate from any affiliate is eligible to join the Student Advisory Group! All perspectives are welcomed and valued. Group meetings and operations accommodate time zone and language differences.