Shefa Sikder

Shefa Sikder
Board Member
2021 – 2024

I was a future problem solver from Johnson County, Kentucky from 1998 to 2004. In 1998, I won the International Scenario Writing Competition as a 7th grader at Johnson County Middle School. In 1999, our middle school won the International FPS championship. In 2001-2004, I continued to compete in FPS through Johnson County High School and competed at the 2002 International FPS competition.

Future Problem Solving helped me build a crucial skillset in problem solving, analytical thinking, and in group work. The most rewarding aspects were working with team members who had completely opposing viewpoints, and reconciling those views for mutual solutions. The constructive skillset from FPS is one that would benefit many. I seek to support FPSPI to grow and reach a greater audience. As a women of color, I bring experience in working with coalitions and enabling diversity of collaborations and viewpoints. Having competed through Johnson Central schools, a powerhouse in FPS, I bring an institutional perspective to support FPSPI.

I was a keynote speaker for the 2013 International FPS Competition at Indiana University on the Global Status of Women. I spoke about how FPS has enabled my work goals in this video: