Scenario Performace (ScP)

Write Your Story and Act It Out.

Designed to sustain oral storytelling traditions, Scenario Performance is ideally suited to students who prefer to showcase their creativity through verbal communication. ScP encourages students to enlarge ideas, enrich personal style, and predict accurate images of the future. Whether presented for the camera or in front of a live audience, performances should be creative and entertaining. Performances emphasize the characters within the story and the story itself. The ability to sing, dance, or act is more appropriately employed in the theater or drama club than in a Scenario Performance. Students choose the FPS annual topic that interests them to make a prediction of the future 20-30 years from now, performing those predictions as though the future were the present. ScP can be used as a stand-alone activity by an FPS coach, a drama/debate teacher, a parent, or any instructor with students interested in narrative creation.

Scenario Performance Future Problem Solving Program
Why Scenario Performance?

Scenario Performance is ideally suited to students who show thinking abilities in different ways, and particularly for those whose cultural heritage and/or learning styles prefer oral communication. Scenario Performance is also ideal for developing thinking skills. Students should immerse the audience in their Performance, bring their characters to life, build suspense in their story, use their voice to portray the emotions of their character(s), and create a story that paints a picture of the future. A rubric-based authentic evaluation is provided for competitors, giving students tools for continuous growth.

Do students need to know the six step problem solving process for ScP?

For students who participate in the Global Issues Problem Solving and/or Scenario Writing components of FPS, Scenario Performance can serve as an excellent complement to their work on any of the annual topics. Scenario Performance is also a unique offering for students who do not participate in other components of FPS. The creative storytelling without written requirements may appeal to students.

Our Impact

Global Future Problem Solvers

FPS Students from more than 37 states and 14 countries.

Over 250,000 students globally have participated in the last decade

Over 250,000 students globally
have participated in the last decade!

Promotes Written and Verbal communication skills

Promotes Written and Verbal communication skills.