Evaluations are done, now how to release them to teams and coaches?

Once your evaluations are complete and you want to release them to the teams and coaches. You can do so by logging into ROCS as the admin and clicking on the component from the left hand menu --> Then clicking on Manage Submission --> Lastly you should then see a Release Evaluations button. Press that button and that will release the evaluation results to teams, students, and coaches. PLEASE NOTE: If you have evaluations for multiple divisions. Then you will need to press the Release Evaluations button for each division.

Login as evaluator, Open Packet and see No Submissions

If you login as evaluator and open the packet to see "No submissions" when there should be as they have been assigned to you by the admin. Then you probably have an issue with the dates under your Component Topics/Future Scenes section. More specifically the dates for Topic Order End Date and Eval. Last Date. Try following up with your affiliate admin for ROCS and ask them to check the dates to ensure they are the correct dates and try again. They should also confirm that they did in fact assign the packets to you. No Submissions

ROCS does not show that the registrations have been paid.

The ROCS administrator has the ability to show coaches that payment has been successfully processed. Log into ROCS as the Affiliate Administrator 1. Click on the "Approve Registrations" menu item under Manage Program. 2. Mark the "Paid" checkbox next to each registration that has received payment.

Only see Paper Fee vs Online Fee in registration information

1. Log in as Affiliate ROCS administrator 2. Click the component and then Approved Registrations 3. Click on the orange Underlined word "Details" to review the registration 4. Notice the registration was for a paper submission and it was approved. The registration would need to be for "online."

Locate username and/or reset the password

Log in as the Affiliate ROCS administrator. On the initial affiliate information screen, click on the "last page" button at the bottom of the page and look for the admin account. You will see the username there. Next click on the "update" button and an email with the password is sent to the user.

Scores not showing on the scoresheet or showing zero

If scores are not showing on the score sheet or are showing zero and there should be a positive number displayed. Check the score sheet contents to ensure score values exist. Log in as administrator. Click on Score sheet contents for the component Click on the edit pencil next to the guideline (ex. fluency). Look to ensure the Range Mapping fields contain numerical values for the score values. If they are left blank, this could result in them not being included in the score totals even if you have selected Yes for it.
Scoring Values Scoring Values

<-- End Fragment --> code displaying

The "< ! - - End Fragment - - >" isn't something to be concerned with. Typically this type of information appears when pasting text into ROCS.

Attachment cannot be seen by evaluators

The team uploaded their work as a word document with the Office Use only indicator marked. Any attachments marked as office use will not be able to be seen by evaluators. To prevent this in the future, you could have the coaches remind their team that attachments should be PDF files and if the attachment is to be evaluated, Office Use cannot be marked. Office use is to be used for attachments with identifying information. The Publication Release and Statement of Authenticity form is a good example of an attachment that would have the office use indicator marked.

We are unable to add students to a team nicknamed "Zoe’s Team." We are also unable to rename the team.

Special characters and/or punctuation should not be used in ROCS (team or document names). Contact the international office to correct such issues.

I have been assigned a booklet to evaluate, but there is nothing attached or entered. What could be the issue?

As the evaluator is able to see there is a work to be evaluated, the most likely cause is the student uploaded their work and marked the document for "office use" only.
Note: Documents marked "Office Use" will only be visible to ROCS Administrators.

Attachment Options

Contact your Affiliate Director for correction.

My student does not remember her member login and password. As a coach, how can I help?

Coaches have the ability to change student account information. There are two options available to coaches regarding student accounts:

  1. Retrieve all student account information by running the Coach Student Info Report.
  2. Run Student Report

    The report lists school, login, password, and student information including grade and competitions registered.

    The report generated is in CSV (comma seperated values) format which is readable by many software applications.

  3. View and/or change student information by managing your students.
    From the Coach Menu:
    1. Click on the Students menu item.
    2. Click on the pencil icon next to the name of the student you wish to review/edit.

    3. Student Maintenance Access
    4. View/Update the student information. When finished, click on the "Update" button.

    5. View/Modify Student information

My student says she cannot access booklet. Any idea why? She is working on a GIPS booklet.

  1. If the student is unable to select a component (click on a radio button):
  2. Students cannot select a component
    • Verify the student is active.
    • If the student is active, inactivate the student account and recreate the student.
  3. Is the student seeing a message about the submission being expired?
    • Contact your Affiliate Director and let them know the competition has expired. (S)he will be able to correct this issue.
  4. Is the student seeing a message about the submission being submitted?
    • Contact your Affiliate Director. The ROCS Administrator will need to revert the submission.
  5. Is the student seeing a message that no submission are available?
    • Contact your Affiliate Director and let him/her know the submission is not available. The Affiliate ROCS Administrator will need to assign the topic for the student to begin work.
  6. Did the student already submit the work?
    • Contact your Affiliate Director. The ROCS Administrator will need to revert the submission.

How does the Student Search work? Do all of the fields (first name, last name, email) need to be completed? What if the email has never been entered?

To search for a student enter as little or as much information as you want. To get the best results, coaches should enter a few characters in the first name box.

My GIPS students cannot get a cursor to actually type anything except for in step 5. What is going on?

The inability to type into ROCS occurs when a non-certified browser is used, or fpspirocs.org has not been set to run in compatibility mode.

Certified internet browsers for ROCS:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer with compatibility mode turned on
  • Safari

When not running in compatibility mode, the editor will look like this: RegistrationNumber

The editor in ROCS should have a tool bar.

How do I register using ROCS?

The first step is to create yourself as a coach.

  1. Click the words "New Coach."
  2. Select your Affiliate Program from the list of ROCS Affiliates.
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. Click the save button.
The second step is to register with the Affiliate Program.
  1. Click the menu item "Program Registrations."
  2. Click blue plus sign to create a new registration.
  3. Select your school district/school (If it is not there, you can add it by clicking on the Add button).
  4. Enter the number of teams/individuals you want to register. Note: If your students will be working in ROCS or viewing evaluations in ROCS, enter the number of teams/individuals in the Online column.
  5. When finished, click on the "Register" button.
You will receive an email from rocsadmin confirming your registration request. Once your registration has been processed by the Affiliate Program, another email will be sent stating the registration has been approved. At that point, you may begin creating your teams and/or assigning your students.

I received a message “email can not be sent – go back and try again.” What should I do?

Please email mail@fpspi.org and let us know about the issue. Rest assured, whatever you were doing (creating a registration, running a report, updating a user) did complete. The issue is with ROCS email.

I cannot log into ROCS. I keep getting a message that my login information is not valid. What can I do?

Log in issues can happen for a variety of reasons:

  1. Invalid login or password.
    • Both the member login and password are case sensitive. Verify both member login and password are entered correctly.
  2. Forgot password
    • If you remember your login name, click the "Forgot Password" link and a new password will be emailed to you.
    • Contact your ROCS Administrator. The administrator will be able to either reset or provide you with the login information.
  3. Person is attempting to login into a different ROCS website.
    • There are two ROCS websites: 1) ROCS for general use (www.fpspirocs.org) 2) ROCS for Evaluators to become internationally certified (www.fpspirocs.org/cert/)
      Make sure you are accessing the correct ROCS website.

What internet browsers can I use with ROCS?

ROCS is certified to run on the following internet browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer in compatibility mode
  • Safari