Rachel Wolf
Finance Co-Chair
2021 – 2024

I have been involved with FPS since our first lunchtime readings and research on tourism in fourth grade. The joy of being surrounded by equally engaged and nerdy kids when my team made it to IC as a fifth-grader sustained me enough that when my middle school had no FPS I competed as an individual, and when my high school didn’t either, I recruited friends to form a team and make it to IC again and again. In the years following, I occasionally evaluated for GIPS and volunteered at IC for a number of years. During my Peace Corps Response service, I worked with a youth development and volunteerism organization in the Republic of Georgia which presented a wonderful opportunity to introduce FPS to my counterparts. I introduced GIPS by forming an adult team to show my counterparts the basics, and with their enthusiasm and a Research and Development grant, we worked to form an affiliate. We introduced FPS to educators and community members in a number of information sessions, and by the end of my tenure with the organization had created a partnership with a local school and trained a coach. They continue to maintain a few teams with strong English skills each year and send representatives to IC.

Upon returning to the United States, I evaluated for Colorado GIPS and scenario writing throughout 2017 and 2018, then got in touch with the Virginia affiliate when I moved to DC at the end of 2018. I completed my GIPS IC certification and now evaluate for Virginia, Colorado, and IC each year.