"I began participating in FPS for my kids, but I have stayed with it because of what I get from it." -- An FPS Parent

WHO – Parents! You!

WHAT – Help students learn and apply the skills of creative problem solving to:

  • Problems in your own community
  • Significant global issues
  • Futuristic scenarios

WHERE – Worldwide:

  • 40 Affiliate Programs globally
  • Mentoring available for new areas
  • Classroom/curricular or community settings

WHEN – Current school year:

  • Northern and Southern hemispheres have different school year schedules
  • Start-up possible at any time

HOW – We’d love your help:

  • Coach a team or an individual
  • Train to become an evaluator
  • Volunteer at your Affiliate Bowl
  • Sponsor a team to the International Conference
  • Host a fundraiser for your local teams
  • Start an FPS parent advocacy group

Future Problem Solvers Parents

Future Problem Solvers Parents

Parent Outreach Newsletter

Parent Perspectives is a newsletter that addresses topics that parents will find interesting.
The Parent Perspectives newsletter is available for download here Parent Outreach Newsletter - Parent Perspectives
Send any particular topics you would like to have included in upcoming newsletters to Cyd Rogers at: rogers.cyd2@gmail.com

Parent Advisory Group

We welcome you to join us as a member of the Parent Advisory Group.
Please email Cyd Rogers, Committee Chair, if you are interested. rogers.cyd2@gmail.com

Parent’s Trifold Brochure

The parent's trifold brochure is available here for download by clicking the following link or you may request a copy(s) by calling us at 321-768-0074.
FPSPI Parent's Trifold Brochure

To learn more about how to get involved with Future Problem Solvers.
Please call us at 321-768-0074 or email us at mail@fpspi.org for more information.