Our Program Teaches:

Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creativity, and Critical Thinking - at home or at your child's school.

Future Problem Solving engages kids from grades 4-12 (or equivalent) to apply critical and creative thinking to significant issues from a diverse range of community and global topics, including business and economics, science/technology, and social/political concerns. Students become equipped with the skills and vision to design and promote positive outcomes for society.

Future Problem Solving Program International Global Participation

Your child will become one of over 250,000 students who have participated over the last decade.

Future Problem Solving Program International Global Participation

Your child can join a team and develop teamwork or participate individually.

Future Problem Solving Program International Global Participation

Your child can choose which components to participate in.

How FPS Works

The first step is for your student to determine which component they are interested in – Global Issues, Community Problem Solving, Scenario Performance, or Scenario Writing. An FPS coach is typically the person who will register students and receive materials. Coaches can be a parent, another experienced FPSer/mentor, or a teacher. Materials are provided to enhance learning of the process and provide support and feedback. Virtual support is available through videos and instructional e-learning experiences. Everyone starts with practice topics and preliminary project deadlines to support learning through feedback/assessment. After the practice topics, competitive topics are offered for regional/state or national finals which qualify students for the International Conference. At the International Conference your child will get a chance to compete and collaborate with problem solvers from all over the globe.

Get Involved with Future Problem Solving Program

"I have developed valuable communication skills through CmPS by reaching out to community members. Whenever I have a problem that's a bit beyond me, whether personally or professionally, I go to the FPS process to organize and map out my thoughts. Going to Internationals was not only one of my best FPS experiences, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to bond so deeply with my team members. We faced the competition together, and though we didn't win any awards, the way we had each others' backs meant so much more."

- Ellie Wolcott, FPS Alumna

Future Problem Solving Program InternationalFuture Problem Solving Program InternationalFuture Problem Solving Program International

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Parent Perspectives Newsletter

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