FPS Open Affiliate

What is an Open Affiliate?

For geographic areas that are not currently served by an active FPS program, there are still opportunities to participate. The FPS Office works with coaches interested in bringing FPS to their students, no matter where they are. FPS provides materials and guidance so that coaches (teachers, parents, or others) can teach students the FPS process. FPS also coordinates evaluations to provide students and coaches with authentic feedback on their work. Based on the work submitted, students are eligible to be invited to participate in the International Conference. All FPS programs are available through the mentoring program. Involvement can begin with a single coach and student, and entire classroom or school. For larger groups – school districts, regions, states – please inquire about the Mentoring process.

Which students can participate?

Participants in the FPS Mentoring program range in grade from 4-12. The USA grade equivalent divisions are as follows:

Junior – (grade 4-6)
Middle – (grades 7-9)
Senior – (grades 10-12)

PLEASE NOTE: All materials and evaluations are provided in English. Student work must be submitted in English. Any needed translation must occur prior to submission.

Students at FPS Memento Exchange
Norway Future Problem Solving

What is the timeline?

The typical mentoring calendar follows an approximate school year of September-May, though there are options available for alternate style calendars. Depending on the component, registration closes in January/February.

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How much does it cost?

There is a one-time annual Coach Fee that allows an individual to register one or more students in all programs. In addition to the coach fee there is a fee per program registration. See fees below. Please Note a coach can have multiple student registrations under the one coach fee.

New Coach Fee = $50
Returning Coach Fee = $4

China Future Problem Solving

Program Registration

Each registration includes Instructions, Overviews, Tips for Coaches, Evaluation Guidelines, Scoring Documents, a Designated Mentor, and all necessary information to compete.

GIPS Registration – Each individual = $100 / Each team = $125
Includes evaluations of student work for PP#1, PP#2, Qualifying Problem, and the Affiliate Bowl competition

CmPS Registration – Each project = $115
Includes Progress Report Feedback and assessment of Final Project

ScP Registration – Each submission – $40
Includes assessment of Final entry and eligibility for International Conference Invitation

SW Registration – Premium submission = $60
Includes progress feedback on draft submission and Assessment of Final submission entry and eligibility for International Scenario Writing Competition

SW Registration – Basic submission = $40
Includes assessment of Final entry and eligibility for International Scenario Writing Competition