Future Problem Solvers Board
Lisa Quintana
Personnel Co-Chair
2019 – 2021


Lisa Quintana has been involved in Future Problem Solving for over 20 years. She participated in GIPS in 7-12th grade in Arizona and competed at International Conference 4 years, placing 6th at the IC. Currently, Lisa is a FPS Instructor for 5th- 8th grade students at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Texas and is the President of Texas FPSP Board. She is an international certified evaluator and has evaluated for FPSPI mentored regions as well as for Texas, Arizona, California. Lisa Quintana received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration from University of Texas in Dallas. She worked in marketing managing brands such as Dr Pepper, Canada Dry and A&W utilizing FPS process in her career.

Outside of her professional life, Lisa enjoys spending time outdoors (especially National Parks and the beach), swing dancing, drinking tea, and playing card games and Legos (thanks to her kids). She currently lives in Plano, TX with her husband, Mike, and her two children.