Laurel Petersen
Secretary, Accreditation Co-Chair, Evaluation Chair
2022 – 2025

My experience in Future Problem solving began when the Gifted and Talented teacher at the high school where I taught Mathematics asked me to be a chaperone on a trip to the University of Michigan for the FPS International Conference. A few years later, I took over as the Gifted Teacher at the school and became the coach. During that time, I became a member of the Board of Directors of the Future Problem Solving Program of New Jersey and later an Assistant Affiliate Director. I took over as Primary Affiliate Director upon the retirement of Jeanne Carlson and remain in that position. I have been a member of the Evaluation Committee for a while and upon my election to Chairman of that Committee, became a member of the International Board of Trustees. I left the Board of Trustees when it was re-organized and the Evaluation Chairman no longer was required to be a Trustee. I currently serve as Chairman of the International Evaluation Committee.