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Evaluator view booklets and start evaluating
1.Login to your evaluator account from this link: https://fpsonline.org/evaluators/logon.php

2.Click the Start Evaluation button from the dashboard screen or click on Evaluation Session from the left hand menu to get started evaluating

3.Now select a packet from the drop down menu labeled: Show booklets for the selected packet

4.Press the Choose button

5.To begin the booklet evaluation, click on the Evaluate button listed under the Booklet Code column. The actual booklet will be listed as a link that you can click and view under the Uploaded Files column

6.Begin to work through each step of the booklet to evaluate completely. There will be links to each step on the left hand menu

7.After you complete evaluation of each step, be sure to press the save evaluation button located at the bottom of the page to save as you go

8.When you are done evaluating a step and ready to move on to the next step, click on the step link from the left hand menu to access the next step and begin evaluating it

9.When you have completed evaluating all steps of the booklet, there will be a Check Evaluation button at the bottom of the last Overall Scoring section. Press that to do a quick check and ensure you did not miss anything. Also you can do a quick status check of what you have evaluated by clicking the hamburger scoring menu (3 small lines stacked on top of each other)located at the top right hand corner of the page. It will display a green dot next to the step if you have completed it or a red dot next to the step if it is incomplete

10.Once done with your evaluation, click back on the Evaluation Session link from the left hand menu. Next select the packet from the Show Booklets for the selected packet drop down menu and press the Choose button. Now you should see the booklets listed there in a table

11.Be sure to select a ranking value as well as a Quality Term from the drop down provided for each booklet. Then press the Update Rankings and Terms button at the bottom right of the screen

12.Lastly press the Submit Packet for Review button to submit your packet and it will no longer be editable