Coach – Scenario Writing Submission Instructions

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You will Need

A digital copy of the scenario in PDF format.

A digital copy of the scenario in a DOCX format.(word document)

A signed digital copy of the “Publication Release and Behavior Form” for each student. You may scan a signed copy. Please be sure it is readable. This is a new document. Previous year’s copies are not acceptable.

You will also need to know the following: Title, Topic, Author, Summary, Affiliate Program, Affiliate Director E-mail, Scenario Place from Affiliate, your name, e-mail and school.

PLEASE NOTE: When uploading files for the scenario writing competition. Be sure that each file is the exact file type asked for in the upload window. Do not try to upload any other file types as that will not work and the upload will fail. This includes image files. You need to upload PDF and DOCX (Word) files into the correct upload fields in order for the upload to properly work.

Having collected all of that information you are ready to submit!

Submission Instructions

Log on to using your coach log in.

In the left drop down box choose “view work”.

Find the appropriate scenario writing individual box by using team code or look under team members for the user-name your gave each student.

Click on box called “Upload GPS Booklet or Scenario Writing File”.

In the “upload files” box that now appears choose the radio button called Scenario Writing.

Upload the three documents required and fill in all the information required.

Select the “affiliate place” for that scenario.

Click on the verification box.

Click on the submit box.

You have completed the submission of this single scenario and may log out or go back and do another.