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Uploading GIPS Booklets onto FPS Online System

Please go through the following steps in order to upload your booklets. Screenshots are attached as visual reference.

Go to https://fpsonline.org/ to login to the FPS Online System.

Once you are on your Dashboard (home screen), you will select “View Work” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

FPS Online System View Work

Once you are in the “View Work” screen, click the button that says, “Upload GIPS Booklet or Scenario Writing File.”

FPS Online System Upload Booklet

A dialogue box will appear with the default option being, “Booklet.” Leave this selected, and click “Choose File” and find the appropriate PDF. Please note: GIPS Booklets must be submitted as PDF files. When you are done, hit submit, and you are all set!

FPS Online System Choose File