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Creating Coaches/School Accounts

When setting up coach accounts you will need the following information: Coach Name, School Name, Affiliate, Zip Code and e-mail. A list of usernames and passwords that you will assign each coach is a good idea.

Login using the username and password created by the IO Office Admin.

Once logged in go to the Users on the Dashboard. Click on Coaches. To create a coach account you will be required to assign a username and password to each coach. If no password is assigned the program will generate one. Instruct coach to change their password during their first log in.

If a coach has multiple schools who complete separately, an account should be set up separately for each school. You cannot use the same username in these separate accounts. It is recommended that the username easily identify both the coach and the school. For example: smithhighschool or smithhs. You may use the same e-mail and password in these accounts accounts.

If a school has two coaches, create one account (username and password) for both coaches to use.

After completing all coach accounts, you must send each coach their log in and password information so that they can now register.

Approving Coach/Team/School Registrations

After you have received registrations from your coaches:

Log in and go to the Registrations –> Pending Registrations section.

Here you should see all of the pending registrations that coaches have submitted.

Click on the magnifying glass next to each team/individual that you want to view details on to approve.

If all looks good to go with the team info, press the Create Teams Accounts button at the top of the page. That will then create the team and the coach will be able to view them from their account to begin adding students to the teams.

You will also see a Registrations to Invoice item under the Registration menu that you can access and view invoices generated by the system. You can then check the box next to an invoice and press the Preview Invoice button. You can type into the text areas to include information such as your program info in the top box and who it is going to in the Bill To box. You can also add an email address here to send the invoice to. PLEASE NOTE: These invoices will only be available to preview and email once the teams/individuals have been approved in the system.

You can view all teams/individuals info, coach info, student info, or evaluator info from the admin panel under the Teams section. You can directly add these user types right there in the admin as well. If you
use their active email address when creating the account. The system should send them a confirmation
registration email as well as you the admin.