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Process for loading booklets into the system in bulk getting ready for evaluation:

Verify or import coaches into the system.

Verify or import teams, team codes, with coaches in the system.

The admin can upload booklets for teams within the system here:
–> Projects –> Booklets –> Select the Topic from the drop down menu –> All booklets should then be listed for that competition in a table at the bottom of the page –> There is a column in that table labeled: Booklet Files

Press the Select Booklets button and you can then upload a booklet for that team. Once you have selected the booklet for upload, next you will see an Upload button in place of where the Select Booklets button was under the Booklet Files column of the table. Press the Upload button, that file will be uploaded for the team, and you are placed back on the first page of the Booklets section where you will need to select the topic again to rebuild the table with the teams listed.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaches can upload booklets as well for their teams in the system here:

–> View Work –> Team Booklets –> Press the button labeled: Upload Booklet/s –> Zip/s or pdf/s

–> After selecting the booklet file for upload, press the upload button and that will then upload the file for that team. There will be a button with the file name and pdf extension listed directly under the upload booklets button that can be pressed to view the booklet. If it were a virtual booklet, it would be viewable from the View Booklet button located right above the upload button.

–> Check the box on the far right column if the book is traditional. NOTE: If this is not done and it is marked as virtual. The evaluator will not be able to evaluate the booklet since it was a paper booklet and not virtual.