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Assigning evaluators to booklets and/or packets:

1. Check to ensure that all evaluators are listed as registered in the system under Users –> Evaluators.

2. Go to Programming –> Create Evaluation Packets –> Select a topic from the drop down menu and all available uploaded booklets should be listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

3. Check the boxes next to each booklet that you want to assign to a specific evaluator.

4. Next in the drop down menu labeled: Attach checked booklets to selected evaluator, select the evaluator that you want to assign the booklets to, and press the create packets button.

5. Should then see a message above the select a topic drop down menu that reads: Successfully created new packet.

6. If you select the topic again, the table will display this time with the evaluators that are assigned to the specific booklets.

Editing the assignment of evaluators for booklets and/or packets:

1. Log in as the admin and go to –> Programming –> View Evaluation Packets.

2. You should then see an Edit button and a Delete button next to each packet.

3. You can press the Edit button to edit the details of that packet such as the name of the packet or the booklets assigned to the evaluator.

4. To do this you would check or uncheck the boxes for the booklets you want to assign or remove from that packet.

5. You can also press the Delete button to remove the entire packet and start over.