Future Problem Solving

Program Director

Roles: Development and Execution of Annual Program Materials and Publications, Program Outreach, Alumni Development

Before joining Future Problem Solving Program International, Elizabeth taught the program in her classroom at a middle school in western Massachusetts. She has a BA in Classical Civilizations and Archaeology from UMass Amherst, and an M.Ed in Secondary Education from the same institution. She has experience in curriculum development and technology integration, and became a Google Certified Educator in order to train others in her district to properly use the digital tools available in their classrooms. She also successfully doubled the size of the FPS program in her school in less than two years.

Before becoming a teacher, Elizabeth participated in archaeological excavations at a Native American fort in Deerfield, Massachusetts, and at a Roman bathhouse in Lincoln, England. Though she did not pursue this career further, these experiences gave her a unique perspective on history and on teaching the humanities that served her well as a teacher. Though she spent about half of her teaching career in gifted education, Elizabeth also spent several years as a Special Education teacher across the curriculum and feels passionately that education should be accessible to all. She is excited to bring FPS to as many students as possible!