Can we use chairs for PAP?

Yes, chairs are fine to use.

Regarding PAP, are costumes are ok?

Yes, costumes/make-up are fine

Regarding PAP, the paper made it sound like we can use “real” music in the video. Would that be correct? We can play any actual songs that we choose in our skit? We can also use “audio” too this time? I take that to be any sounds that we want to add in like a laugh track.

No, artist’s music can be used (all work must be the original work of the team)

I just read the rules for the virtual PAP. Can an individual participate on a team AND do an individual submission?

Yes, A registered GIPS Individual may submit a PAP for their UP and Action Plan and also be on the GIPS team PAP submission – if they have the time

Who is permitted to help in putting together the PAP?

The registered team should be the only ones to create the presentation.

A PAP can have up to 7 people. Do the extra people have to be registered for the IC? In other words, can other classmates participate in the skit?

The PAP team must consist of registered participants. They can be GIPS Ind, MAGIC, Scenario Performers, Scenario Writers, or Community Problem Solvers.

Can teams or MAGIC teams set up a Zoom call to run concurrently with writing the booklet in addition to the chat feature on FPS Online.

Yes, FPSPI supports efforts for students to communicate and collaborate. This will be included in the honor pledge - the option of a browser being open for team communication.

Will MAGIC participants have some access to CmPS or other IC experiences

We are going to provide them with 1 day access to all FPS experiences on the day of the CmPS Showcase. Their registration fee is only half for this reason.

What should be done on the room assignments section when registering for Virtaul IC 2020?

Once you click to add participants to the room assignment section. There will be instructions at the top of the page on what to do for that section that look like this: Because this is a virtual competition. No rooms or meals are needed. Your room style option below will default to Virtual Competition – No Room is Needed So you can skip that drop down menu and focus on the Participants section. Please select all participants listed in the participant section by pressing and holding the control key - PC users; command key - MAC users, and then click all names listed so all names listed are highlighted. Leave all of the default values selected in the drop down menus that appear and just press the submit button. Please Note: You will NOT be billed for rooms or meals.

Can students compete in both individuals and on a team?

They cannot, as it is the same Future Scene and same window to compete. A single student can participate in CmPS, SW, ScP, and 1 GIPS booklet - team or individual - but not both.

According to the description of Scenario Writing in the information,it states that scenario writers will be submitting their writing prior to GIPS competition so that they may compete in both competitions. Yet, the writers the use of a Future Scene is also a requirement. Will these students be using a different future scene than the one used for GIPS?

Yes, there will be an alternate Future Scene for the Scenario Writing competition.

I know that a coach/chaperone must register with the participants because of the way the system works. The question is does the coach pay $150 too?

No, there is not a fee for the coach.

How will the integrity of the competition be maintained with it occurring virtually instead of at a controlled/monitored site like International Conference?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and the health/safety of all, we determined that a virtual event for 2020 was the best course of action. Our primary goal is the safety and health of FPSers. Our secondary goal is to offer the highest quality problem solving experience possible for the champions who have earned an invitation to our conference. The virtual system has a timing capability to monitor time. Should students compete in a group setting (as allowed by local regulations) then there will be monitor instructions provided and requirements that the monitor agrees to follow the guidelines. Additionally, all students will be required to complete an honor pledge.

How will presentation of action plans be monitored?

Our team is working through the details on presentation of action plan and details will be released prior to the event.

Will virtual IC require all GIPS teams to complete their work on pencil and paper? (this question was posed by a coach who expressed concern over inequities of internet speed, computer quality, and typing speed variations in an attempt to ensure that all competitors were on an “equal playing field”)

Our FPSOnline system allows for students on a team to type directly in the system. Health concerns from COVID-19 are closing schools and preventing groups from gathering. To support needs of our international group, the typing into the system option allows students to work collaboratively from the safety of their own homes to complete the competition. We will allow both options during virtual IC – typing into the system or writing the booklet together. All competitors will sign an honor code.

Will virtual IC accommodate students in the Global Issues Problem Solving competition who do not have proficiency at typing (especially the Junior division)?

Our FPSOnline system allows for students on a team to type directly in the system or to work together face to face and complete the booklet on pencil and paper to upload. Please note that the team must choose the same option for the entire team and that a practice session for registered teams will be offered from May 18-22 to become more comfortable with the program. Local regulations MUST be followed if working face to face and should align with health guidelines for meetings.

Will there be a MAGIC competition at Virtual IC 2020?

MAGIC Updates for a Virtual IC
• For the IC 2020 MAGIC event, students will be grouped with others to form teams of 3-4 to compete together using their knowledge of the 6 step process responding to a Future Scene on the topic of Terraforming.
o Students will be grouped considering similar time zones based on location
o All work and communication must occur in English
• Booklets will be submitted via the FPSOnline system.
o Virtual – students type their responses directly into the system. Chat and collaborative features allow teammates to work together.
o 8 Challenges and 8 Solutions are generated during the MAGIC competition
• Students will have the opportunity in the week before the competition to connect with their new teammates via the FPSOnline system.
o Practice window for all registered MAGIC GIPS Teams to use the FPSOnline system will be available Monday, June 22- Wednesday, June May 24 – details closer to date
• Friday-Saturday June 26-27: during a 2 hour time block, of the team’s choice within the designated competition window, students will collaborate and work within the FPSOnline system to complete a GIPS booklet
• Evaluations will be conducted following the official 2019-2020 Evaluation Guidelines.
• Award Ceremony: Conducted via Facebook Live on date to be determined (will depend on number of entries)