Rules for smart devices at IC

Any smart device that can look up information on the internet may NOT be accessed during the competition. Devices must be on silent (ideally turned off) and out of sight. Devices include cell phones, smart watches (taken off of wrist), and tablets. Devices may be placed in a dedicated space in the competition room or out of sight in a pocket – remaining unseen/unused and silent for the entire competition. Furthermore, if possible, the "voice activator" (e.g. "Hey Siri") should be turned off as it can be sensitive and activate when other words are spoken and be a distraction.

Do you have Dietary Restrictions and will be attending IC?

The following information applies to IC 2019 on the UMass AMherst campus:

If anyone has multiple severe allergies, please contact Sabrina Hafner ( and Dianne Sutherland ( at least 3-4 weeks prior to coming on campus. The UMass staff can also assist in the dining commons. Please review the link below for general information/guidelines.

Please review the below on our food allergy link:

  • Food allergy brochure
  • Food allergy tips
  • Allergen guides
  • Student policy on food allergies – has information regarding the closest hospital (I do not think the free taxi ride applies since this is a conference group)
Anyone who carries any medication for food allergies should carry these medications with them at all times while on campus.

Can I purchase a meal plan if I am staying off campus?

Yes, all participants and observers that are staying off campus can purchase a meal plan through the registration system during registration. The 8 meal plan is $115 (Thursday dinner through Sunday breakfast) The 11 meal plan is $150 (Wednesday dinner through Sunday breakfast)

What is the International Conference?

Future Problem Solvers from around the globe have come together to celebrate the final round of their competitive season, the Future Problem Solving International Conference. The FPSPI International Competition occurs each June at a university in the USA. This annual competition draws 2,500 problem solving champions from the 23,000+ students who compete at local and regional levels throughout the school year from 13 different countries. Successful teams and individuals from Affiliate Programs and Mentored Regions converge to recognize their accomplishments and expertise gained from using the Creative Problem Solving process. Before competition begins, all participants gather to celebrate the breathtaking Flag Procession designed to welcome every region represented and kick-off the International Conference.

Students from each component will have unique experiences as they compete with their peers and collaborate with new friends. Students compete in four different components, and use a six step solving process to tackle unique problems.

Global Issues Problem Solvers pursue the honor of International Champion as they complete the Problem Solving Process on the designated International Conference topic. Past IC topics have included Intellectual Property, Space, Global Status of Women, Green Living, and many others. Affiliate Champions complete the process and illustrate their Action Plans through a creative presentation.

Community Problem Solvers display and present their projects not only for evaluation and interviews, but also in a "CmPS Fair" open to the public. The students seeking and achieving change in their communities demonstrate how bright the future will be with these emerging leaders guiding the way.

International Scenario Writing Champions in each division are recognized; and readings by the International Champions are presented to a live audience. Writers competing in the Team Scenario Writing Competition create a team scenario in a collaborative writing session.

Scenario Performers display their storytelling skills as they present their original performance focused on the International Conference topic.

What can I bring into the GIPS competition room?

You may only bring the following items to the competition room: pencil, pencil sharpener, pen, highlighter, dictionary/thesaurus in paper form, pack of unopened sticky notes, calculator (non-programmable), and water. No notebook paper, however we do offer blank scrap paper.

Can MAGIC teams participate in Presentation of Action Plan (skits)?

Yes, MAGIC participants are encouraged to join GIPS Teams for Presentation of Action Plans (PAP). Up to 7 participants can be on a PAP team and must join the same or higher division (not lower division). MAGIC students may join a PAP team from any affiliate.

Do MAGIC teammates receive each other’s contact information prior to IC? At IC? At competition time?

Teammates do not get contact information prior to IC – they are given time in the competition room before the competition begins to meet and begin collaboration!

Are MAGIC teams pre-assigned?

Teams are randomly preassigned (no one from same affiliate is on the same MAGIC team). Members of each team are from the same division Junior, Middle, Senior, Adult.

How do we get to IC and/or make travel arrangements?

IC 2019 Travel Arrangements

AIR TRAVEL (Flights Only)
Click Here to request an Airline Quote online for either a group or individual airline reservation.

Valley Transporter is offering group discounts on airport transfers from both Boston-Logan (BOS) and Bradley (BDL) airports. Call 1-413-253-1350 and select option 2 to set up reservations over the phone or email

You can also use this link to make a reservation online:

Airport Transfers: Discounts are available for pre-arranged airport transfers for arrivals Wednesday, June 5th and Thursday, June 6th. Also available for Departures Sunday, June 9th.

Sightseeing Tours: Click this link to view sightseeing tour information.

How do I get access to my score sheets and results?

After the award ceremony score sheets will be distributed to coaches. Results will be posted on the website.

When is the International Conference topic announced?

The International Conference topic is announced March 1st.

Where do I find the access code to register?

  • The access code for Affiliate Champions is found in the International Conference Registration Packet that your Affiliate Director will have.
  • The access code for Affiliate Directors and Board Members is found in the Affiliate Director/Designee International Conference Registration Packet

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost of registering for IC depends on how the person will be participating and where the person intends to be housed and choice of a 3 day or 4 day package. All prices are priced in US dollars and described in the participant registration packet.