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Terraforming is the process of altering the ecosystem of a region on Earth, Moon, or another planet to make it habitable for people. This may include altering the atmosphere, temperature, surface, or environment.

The Moon, Mars, and Venus have all been considered as candidates for terraforming. What modifications would be needed to make such places suitable for humans? The "worldhouse concept" involves enclosing areas on Earth or even entire planetary bodies under domes. Scientists theorize of geo-engineering the Sahara desert into a lush forest. What unforeseen effects and consequences might these actions create? What other areas might be considered for terraforming?

Many questions surround the logistical, financial, political, and technological process of terraforming. Some people debate the reasons, benefits, and justifications of terraforming. Still, others consider ethical questions surrounding the practice of terraforming. What is the future of designing new habitats for humans? How will humanity redesign environments to make them more hospitable?