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People have mostly relied on some form of currency (money) to buy and sell goods and services for thousands of years. Whether it’s an allowance from parents, debts carried and paid, or commercial deals worth billions, the transfer of money is ever-present. Currency is exchanged between individuals, companies, and governments. Countries seek to protect their currency through monetary policy. But, what one country views as helpful policies are often considered harmful by others. Multinational currencies such as the Euro have changed the face of the global economy. Will multinational currencies lead to global currencies? How might the end of government-backed currencies shape global politics and economic exchanges? What role will cryptocurrency play?

The increasing digitization of currency calls into question the understanding of what currency is and what it means to its users. How would the end of paper money impact societies around the world? Alongside governmental action, individuals have the opportunity to create and promote investment options targeted to specific beliefs or practices. How will the use of money/currency evolve in the future?

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