On Wednesday, June 9th, our virtual Opening Ceremony will kick off IC 2021 and the 3D Virtual experience will open Thursday, June 10th. The Awards Ceremony will be held on Monday, June 14th. Champion problem solvers who have earned their spot at the International Conference will still have the opportunity to compete with others from around the world and will have access to many virtual collaborative experiences as well as their competitions. Several speakers will share sessions with students and collaborative sessions include such events as the Coach Connection, Senior Forum, Parent Meeting, and CmPS Tips and Tools.

Virtual International Conference 2021

Happening On June 9th – 14th

Future Problem Solving Virtual International Conference 2021

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IC 2021 Schedule of Events

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Publication Release/Statement of Authenticity

We are collecting the Publication Release/Statement of Authenticity and Competitor Rules & Regulations Contract for students online. During the registration process, the Coordinator will indicate if the student is a competitor. While adding these students, they will see a field labeled, "Parent/Guardian Email." This is a required field in order for you to add each participant and continue with the registration.
If any parents or guardians missed the autogenerated email, they can go to icfpspi.org/RightToPublish.cfm, enter the Registration Number and the participant’s first and last name, and follow the steps above.