International Conference Info

FPS International Conference 2024
Happening June 5th – 9th
On the campus of
Indiana University Bloomington
Stay tuned for more details and updates!

What is the International Conference?

Future Problem Solvers from around the globe have come together to celebrate the final round of their competitive season, the Future Problem Solving International Conference. This annual competition draws 2,500+ problem solving champions from all over the world who compete at local and regional levels throughout the school year. Successful teams and individuals from Affiliate Programs and Mentored Regions converge to recognize their accomplishments and expertise gained from using the Creative Problem Solving process. Before competition begins, participants celebrate the breathtaking Flag Procession designed to welcome every region represented and kick-off the International Conference.

Students from each component will have unique experiences as they compete with their peers and collaborate with new friends. Students compete in four different components, and use the FPS six step problem solving process to tackle unique challenges.

Global Issues Problem Solvers pursue the honor of International Champion as they complete the Problem Solving Process on the designated International Conference topic. Past IC topics have included Intellectual Property, Space, Global Status of Women, Green Living, and many others. Affiliate Champions complete the process and illustrate their Action Plans through a creative presentation.

Community Problem Solvers display and present their projects not only for evaluation and interviews, but also in a “CmPS Showcase” for other’s to interact with their project work (on-site and on our virtual platform). The students seeking and achieving change in their communities demonstrate how bright the future will be with these emerging leaders guiding the way.

Scenario Writing Affiliate Program Scenario champions are invited to participate in the Scenario Writing competition. They will write a spontaneous Scenario based on a Future Scene about the IC topic.

Scenario Performers display their storytelling skills as they present their original performance focused on the International Conference topic.