For Parents

Would you like to get your child or student involved in the Future Problem Solving Program? Read about the various programs and competitions we offer after school and during the summer. We have virtual as well as face to face learning options available.

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For Students

If you are a student in Elementary school, Middle School, or High School and would like to get involved with the Future Problem Solving Program. We offer many exciting opportunities for you ranging from scholarships for college to learning critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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For Coaches and Teachers

FPS engages students inside and outside of the classroom. Whether as an after school club, a home school group, or a weekend team meeting there are as many ways to FPS as there are people that do it! If you are interested in starting a Future Problem Solving group in your school or town. Please click learn more below and get in contact with us.

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For Alumni

We have so many successful FPSers in the world making a difference. We would love to keep our community of Alumni in tune with one another to continue the tradition of FPS and sharing ideas that could change all of our futures for the better. Please sign up today and become a part of the ever growing FPS community.

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For Volunteers

Our success relies on volunteers and our appreciation is endless! There are many ways that you can support Future Problem Solving across the world throughout the year. Many FPS programs as well as the International Conference offer great opportunities.

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For Evaluators

Would you like to read and analyze work from some of the brightest students in the world? Reach out to us and become a certified FPS evaluator. You will get the unique opportunity to work with students from all over the world.

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More than 25,000 Future Problem Solvers

From more than 37 states and 14 countries have participated in FPS.

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