International Conference

Future Problem Solvers from around the globe come together to celebrate the final round of their competitive season, the Future Problem Solving International Conference. Successful teams and individuals from Affiliate Programs and Mentored Regions converge to recognize their accomplishments and expertise gained from using the Creative Problem Solving process. Before competition begins, all participants gather to celebrate the breathtaking Flag Procession designed to welcome every region represented and kick-off the International Conference. Students from each component will have unique experiences as they compete with their peers and collaborate with new friends.

Non-competitive enrichment opportunities may vary by location as the university site changes throughout the years; however, the Variety Show, International Choir, Scavenger Hunt, and Memento Exchange are always great opportunities for competitors to meet peers from countries throughout the world. Before departing, participants once again come together to acknowledge the accomplishments of their peers at the Award Ceremony and say "until next year."

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International Scenario Writing

This competition requires a student to write a futuristic story based on one of the current year’s Future Problem Solving topics. Programs on an alternative school calendar may use the prior year’s topics. The composition must contain 1500 words or less and must occur at least 20 years into the future. Scenarios are evaluated based on their content development, creativity, futuristic elements, and the author’s personal touch. The top three scenarios per division from each Affiliate Program and Mentored Region may be submitted to the International Scenario Writing Competition.

The top 5 writers in each division are published in the annual International Scenario Writing Champions book and are invited to attend the FPS International Conference where they receive their trophy and are able to compete in the Scenario Writing Team competition.

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