FPSPI is committed to not only teaching students how to think critically and creatively, but participate in their communities to promote positive futures. As such, every year at the International Conference, we partner with a local organization to support the community that welcomes FPS participants from around the globe. For IC 2019 we have joined with Craig’s Doors to promote their mission.

Craig’s Doors Mission: to provide safe, caring shelter for people experiencing homelessness while working to develop supportive housing, and to help build a better quality of life for those without a home. Craig’s Doors is committed to helping our guests foster a sense of empowerment by improving their lives through the creation of safe, respectful shelter and housing.

Current needs:
• Monetary donations will be used to purchase items for the shelter.
• Socks! (these are easy to pack and a MUCH needed donation for the shelter residents)

Representatives from Craig’s Doors will be present at the CmPS Showcase to accept donations.

Craigs Doors

FPSPI and Craig’s Doors appreciate any donations you make. More information can be found at https://www.craigsdoors.org/.