Evaluator Outreach

The primary purpose of FPS evaluation is to provide coaches and participants with feedback that allows them to develop and improve their problem solving skills. FPS scores are performance-based, and evaluation is an authentic assessment of the student’s work.

Our Evaluation Method Examines:

Critical and CreativeThinking and is research-based focused on Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, and Communication.

Future Problem Solving Program International Global Participation

Evaluators support students and coaches from all over the world.

Future Problem Solving Program International Global Participation

You can evaluate for 1 or more components of student competition.

Future Problem Solving Program International Global Participation

Be the first to read work from some of the world’s brightest students.

Who should evaluate?

Anyone with an interest in supporting FPS and the students it serves can become an excellent evaluator. All coaches are encouraged to learn the evaluation process as it will help them instruct their students in strategies to improve the problem solving skills. Parents also make outstanding evaluators, and it is a great way to gain a better understanding of the work and skills your student develops by being involved in FPS. Training is available for all those interested in becoming an evaluator. Affiliates work with individuals in their area for evaluator training and to provide feedback to those students throughout the course of the competition season. Beyond the standard information regarding evaluation, each round of competition is accompanied with topic-specific instructions and evaluation examples.

Get Involved with Future Problem Solving Program

“It is so encouraging to see elementary, middle, and high school students putting their heads together to synthesize similarly complex global problems and brainstorm far-reaching solutions. Being able to evaluate, constructively critique, and cheer on that creativity is one of the most gratifying things I get to do through FPSPI.”

– Keshav Tadimeti, Virtual International Conference 2020 Evaluator