Drew Trimble

Drew Trimble
Policy Co-Chair
2018 – 2021

Few things have positively impacted my life like Future Problem Solving. For about 20 years I have been involved in FPS as either a competitor, evaluator, trainer, or coach. During that time, the teammates, coaches, students, and evaluators that I have met in FPS have become great friends and influential mentors. FPS planted in me the seed of a life-long interest in wrestling with the big, long-term societal issues that affect real people and that is what I get to do everyday. The FPS process and the outstanding coaches who invested so much time and effort to teach it to me equipped me with the research, critical thinking, and persuasive writing skills that have given me an advantage in my educational and professional career. While winning isn’t everything, of course, it is difficult to overstate how meaningful it was for this little kid, from a small, economically disadvantaged town in eastern Kentucky to work very hard and leave a competition as a International Champion. It gave me confidence that I could compete with anyone. For that, and all of these reasons, I am grateful for the impact that FPS has had on my life.