Creating the Future Scholarship Application

    Honoring Dr. E. Paul Torrance, Presented by Future Problem Solving Program International

    Scholarship Purpose: To honor a current FPS student in the final year of high school from any FPS Affiliate Program who has exhibited exceptional dedication and participation in Future Problem Solving.

    Scholarship applications are accepted until January 25, 2024.

    Scholarship Information

    Scholarship recipient(s) will be announced on or before April 15, 2024 and presented at the International Conference Opening Ceremony in June 2024. Recipient(s) may be asked to speak. If the recipient will not be present to accept the award, either the Affiliate Director or coach will accept the award in his/her place.

    Criteria for Selection

    FPS Program Participation: 20%
    Service to FPS: 20%
    FPS Impact Essay: 40%
    Letters of Recommendation (2): 20% (10% each)

    Publication Release: By signing this form, I hereby grant Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc. (FPSPI) permission to reproduce and distribute the whole or any part of my work for educational or promotional purposes, and allow FPSPI to license or sell such excerpts, in any form or medium, without any further permission and without any financial obligation to me. I also grant permission to allow any photographs or video presentations taken or made during my attendance at FPSPI-related events, including FPSPI’s International Conference, and in which I appear, to be used for educational or promotional purposes under the terms outlined above.

    Statement of Authenticity: In addition, by signing this form, I certify that my writing is original work and the sole creation of my own efforts and ideas. Plagiarism is an offense defined as the use of another’s words, ideas, or expressions without acknowledging their source. I further understand that plagiarism would be grounds for immediate disqualification from competition for a Scholarship Award.

    One yearTwo yearsThree years or more

    One yearTwo yearThree years or more

    Service to/through Future Problem Solving

    Service to/through Future Problem Solving – Please describe your involvement and service to Future Problem Solving and/or application of problem solving in other areas that extends above and beyond participation in the competitive components. (500 word limit.)

    FPS Impact Essay

    What advantage or unique opportunity does FPS provide you? How do you expect FPS to influence you in the future? Describe the impact FPS has had in your life. Be as creative as you choose in the format which presents your answer.

    • Advantages found/gained through your FPS participation

    • Unique opportunities, possibilities, or life experiences that were made possible through FPS or that will contribute to your future development and/or goals

    • Impact FPS has made on your life and future (500 word limit.)


    * Contact information for the person writing the recommendation
    * Letters should be from people who are familiar with your involvement in Future Problem Solving and any resulting actions.
    * The letters of recommendation should note your involvement, including participation BEYOND the formal FPS competitions.
    * Each letter of recommendation may be 1-2 pages in length.
    * One letter should be from a Future Problem Solving coach.
    * The second letter from an FPS Affiliate Director, a teammate, a teacher, or someone else who can attest to your real-life application of the skills of Future Problem Solving.

    UPLOAD 2 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (doc and pdf files only)