I do not have the opportunity to incorporate FPS into my classroom time. Is this something that can be done after school?

FPS can, and has engaged students in and outside of the classroom since its inception. Whether as an after school club, a home school group, a weekend team meeting there are as many ways to FPS as there are people that do it! If you need ideas click here to locate and contact your local Affiliate Director or contact the International Office.

I am a new coach and struggling to develop classroom activities to engage the students while teaching the process. Do you have lesson plans to use in the classroom for the FPS process?

Lesson plans - called Topic Activity Units - are released annually for each topic. Past Topic Activity Units are also available - great as cross-curricular resources, or research units in any classroom. Click here to view or purchase the most recent Topic Activity Unit

I am not sure which publications would best meet my needs. How can I decide?

Call 321-768-0074 or email debbie@fpspi.org at the FPS International Office OR you can Click here to view our Coach's Corner to help you find the right publications.

I am looking for videos to inspire students, garner administrative support, and/or educate parents on FPS. Where might I find videos about FPS?

Check out our YouTube channel located here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5GVqf5evAl6Uz2ciI9d1Q for lots of great videos.

I participated in FPS during my school years and want to give back to the program that provided excellent thinking skills. How can I help?

If your employer provides work time for volunteering for nonprofit programs, request time off so that you can volunteer at the International Conference in early June. You can also view year round volunteer opportunities here.

I just graduated and would like to stay involved in FPS, how can I do so?

Join the FPS Alumni Network for opportunities to volunteer, write Future Scenes, evaluate, and many more! You can sign up HERE

FPS is not offered at my school. How can I get involved?

If you can locate an adult to coach you or a team, you can register with the Affiliate Program in your region. See our Find an Affiliate page to locate the closest affiliate to your area. If a program is not available in your region, you can participate through the Mentoring offered by FPS International Office. View more info about this HERE or Contact Kyla@fpspi.org for more information.

I have ideas for topics we should study. How can I share my suggestions?

FPSPI encourages students to suggest topics HERE.

FPSPI: Catalyst for Talent Recognition and Development

Future Problem Solving Program International: Catalyst for Talent Recognition and Development, prepared by Dr. Donald Treffinger summarizes the relationships among creativity, problem solving, and talent development. The paper clarifies the important ways in which FPSPI applies and synthesizes those essential dimensions through its programs and activities. He notes the findings from a recent international program evaluation report (Treffinger, Selby, & Crumel, 2011, pp. 18, 134-135) in which many respondents recognized the important contributions FPSPI makes to meeting the unique needs of high-ability students.

The Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) offers students of many ages a variety of opportunities to learn and apply thinking and problem solving skills that they will need for success throughout life. FPSPI’s components provide:

  • Opportunities for engagement and interaction among high-ability, like-minded people and to meet others who love the challenges of problem solving
  • Affirmation that 'it is all right to be smart and creative'
  • Opportunities for academically talented students to "see others like themselves achieving great things"

To learn more about how to get involved with Future Problem Solvers.
Please call us at 321-768-0074 or email us at mail@fpspi.org for more information.