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Featured Project

For the fourth episode of FireCast, theHoller production team traveled to Flat Gap Elementary School in Eastern Kentucky. This is the first year of participation for Flat Gap in Community Problem Solving (CmPs) a component offered by the Future Problem Solving Program. “The Waterhounds,” Flat Gap CmPs team, consists of twelve 4th and 5th-grade students and two coaches (Leslie Ferguson and Larissa Witten).

Their project focuses on raising awareness around hydration and water consumption for students throughout the school day and also to influence students, teachers, and members of the community to drink more water. Flat Gap received a STARS grant form KVEC which helped purchase a hand free refrigerated/filtered water fountain, and a bottle filling station that is in now located in the lunchroom.
– theholler.org – http://www.theholler.org/firecast-episode-4-flat-gap-elementary/

Current Projects

The Pandemic Project

Community Problem Solving

The Pandemic Project is a group of 6 Community Problem Solvers who want to deter pandemics like Zika.

They plan on implementing bat houses in our area that will attract bats which, through the natural food chain, will consume mosquitoes, the most dangerous vector.

The Palm Coast Observer featured The Pandemic Project in an article written by Jacque Estes. Here is a link to that article:Flagler Palm Coast Future Problem Solvers look for Zika prevention.

Learn more about The Pandemic Project and consider supporting their efforts. Our GoFundMe campaign link is The Pandemic Project

Find The Pandemic Project on Twitter (@fpcpandemic) and Facebook (/ThePandemicProject)

Street Talk

Street Talk

Team Street Talk is from Flagler Palm Coast High School. The team of five students focus on the safety of Pedestrians and Cyclists in Flagler County.

Due to increasing accidents involving both pedestrians and cyclists calling for a course of action. Street Talk has partnered with Flagler County School Board member Mr. Andy Dance to raise awareness not only in the school district but in the county. Recently the team presented a proclamation to the School Board that was adopted by a unanimous vote declaring August 15th-19th "Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Week."

The team will also be presenting at various schools in the county spreading awareness and for our projects cause. Contact us at streettalk386@gmail.com and visit our website http://fpcstreettalk.weebly.com.

Street Talk Team

Learning and Incorporating New Knowledge (LINK)

Project LINK (Learning and Incorporating New Knowledge) is a Community Problem Solving (CmPS) team from Flagler Palm Coast High School. They have been renovating and updating the media center by adding in new furniture and exciting technologies to support an innovative environment. With this transition to a modernized and collaborative work space, the media center has transformed into a learning commons. A learning commons allows for an academic area that provides a wider range of services to students and teachers while maintaining numerous resources found in traditional elements of a classic library.

LINK Team Learning Commons

Teens for Safe Driving

Teens For Safe Driving is a Community Problem Solving group of 5 students from Flagler Palm Coast High School. They are committed to raising awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. Their group was greatly influenced by a victim of texting while driving, Leonardo, who previously attended their school. He told them his story and of his stage four brain injury that he suffered in a texting while driving incident. The group has many partnerships in the community, including the Chiumento Law Firm, Flagler Police Athletic League, and three local car dealerships. The group has spoken at the Flagler County Legislative Delegation in front of Senator Travis Hutson and House Representative Paul Renner. The group is in contact with Paul Renner in an attempt to change legislation so that Florida’s laws regarding texting while driving are strengthened.

December 11, the project was highlighted in the Daytona Beach News Journal. Read the article by clicking: Flagler students push for tougher texting-while-driving law

Teens for Safe Driving Teens for Safe Driving Teens for Safe Driving Teens for Safe Driving

Language and Culture Education

Project InterLACE

Project InterLACE stands for Language and Culture Education is an individual Community Problem Solving Project. This project is about bringing awareness about different languages and cultures to children in elementary schools and celebrating diversity. Presentations have been shown to multiple classrooms and a club was started in Imagine Charter School. The club teaches children about different cultures and languages.

If you have questions about this project please email project.interlace.fpc@gmail.com and follow it on twitter @FPC_InterLACE. This individual attends Flagler Palm Coast High School.

The Good Ol’ Days CmPS Group

The Good Ol' Days CmPS group from Flagler Palm Coast High School focuses on increasing the connections between today's youth and the elderly. These sophomores perform a variety of service actions, such as volunteering at nursing homes. Through these actions, they provide lively, fun experiences for the elderly and create enduring, powerful memories for all.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please email the group (goodoldayscmps@gmail.com)

Good Ol' Days CmPS Group

The Pause4Paws Team

Dr. E Paul Torrance

Pause4Paws is a Community Problem Solvers (CmPS) team consisting of 5 sophomores from Flagler Palm Coast High School. Their goal is to help the issue of overexposure of extreme climates, hot and cold, for dogs and cats.

The team has presented several classes at Rymfire Elementary School and are working on spreading the word about their project."Best Friends Need Best Care," an article written by Pause4Paws team was published on an online national magazine - thebark.com.