Argen Hicks

Argen Hicks
Vice President, Accreditation Chair
2022 – 2025

Argen is a retired teacher from Habersham County Schools in Clarkesville, Georgia. She has been involved with FPS since 1983 when she took a class under Dr. E. Paul Torrance at the University of Georgia. She attended her first FPS state bowl as an observer at the urging of a friend who was emceeing the Presentation of Action Plan performances and who had been a participant in 1974 when Dr. Torrance first developed FPS as a competition. Starting as a coach, Argen became – in this order – a state and international evaluator, a coach trainer, an evaluation trainer, an evaluation assistant with Georgia FPSP, the evaluation coordinator for FPSPI, and Affiliate Director of Georgia FPSP. Over the years, she has served on various FPSPI committees and has also been part of the International Conference evaluation staff. She loves being retired because it gives her more time for FPS!

When not “doing” FPS, Argen enjoys playing bluegrass music with her husband and sisters; visiting her grandchildren, nieces, and nephews; and keeping invasive species like kudzu and privet from taking over her family’s homeplace in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Argen is dedicated to the FPSPI vision of “a strong, resilient, and prosperous world wherein no problem is too complex to solve.” She believes – if we truly want such a world – every child should learn the six-step process and develop the creative and critical thinking skills promoted by FPSPI.