April Michele

Executive Director

Roles: Official FPSPI answers, Handle Affiliate Issues or Concerns, Mentoring Possibilities, Trainings and Workshops, Marketing and Fundraising.

April Michele started out as the Program Director of Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) in 2012 and was promoted to Executive Director in 2018. With a background in advanced curriculum strategies and highly engaging learning techniques, April’s role at the International Office primarily focuses on the development of materials, publications, trainings, and marketing of all things FPS! April’s expertise includes pedagogy and strategies for critical and creative thinking. An annual highlight is preparation for the International Conference – the excitement and expertise that the participants, coaches, evaluators, and volunteers bring to this event is beyond rewarding!

April has filled multiple FPS roles providing quality educational services for students and adults in both the United States and internationally. April enjoys being part of this student-driven organization to promote students as leaders. As a liaison with the Alumni and Topics Committees, April stays in continual contact with FPS Alumni and the generation of new and exciting topics of study! As the Social Media manager for FPSPI, April maintains the Facebook, LinkedIn group, and Twitter accounts – with input from “younger” FPSers (of course!)

Prior to joining FPSPI, April taught elementary and middle grades, spending most of her classroom career in Gifted Education. She earned her National Board certification in Middle Childhood Generalist and later served as an assessor for the certification of peers. She was trained and applied the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in Humanities, which helped widen the educational scope and boundaries beyond the US. April also facilitates the Theory and Development of Creativity course for Florida state level certification of teachers. Collaboration on special projects through the Florida Department of Education, and even through supporting her father’s custom home building assisted April in preparing for her eventual role at FPS!

A graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and the University of South Florida with a Masters in Gifted Education, April’s passion is providing challenging curriculum for 21st century students so they are equipped with problem solving and ethical leadership skills for the future.

Melding personal and professional interest, April enjoys being with her two children and their friends exploring nature and discussing life! April is an avid exercise enthusiast which balances her passion with cooking!