Adult Award Nominations

All submissions for this year’s nominees have been received.
Winners will be announced at the International Conference.

John Daughtrey Award

The John Daughtrey Award recognizes outstanding FPSPI directors, evaluators, or staff. John Daughtrey, former Affiliate Director of the North and South Carolina Future Problem Solving Program, was a dedicated advocate of FPS. Nominees for this award may be a director, evaluator, or staff person who has made a significant impact on an FPS program at the Affiliate level.

John Daughtrey Award Recipients

Argen Hicks – Georgia
Christine McAdams – New Jersey

Keith Frampton Award

Keith Frampton, former head of the Burwood Teacher’s College in Australia, began the Australia FPS program in 1988 and became the first National Director in 1989. From 1990 to 1993, he mentored the New Zealand programme until it became a new Affiliate. Upon retirement from the Burwood Teacher’s College, FPS remained his professional interest. In honor of his dedication in establishing Future Problem Solving within Australia and mentoring New Zealand, the Keith Frampton Memorial Award was created to recognize coaches that go above and beyond to provide challenging opportunities to their students.

Keith Frampton Award Recipients

Stacey Hockett-Sherlock – Iowa
Trudy Reed – Texas

Jeanne Carlson Yes Award

The Jeanne Carlson Yes Award recognizes outstanding volunteers and supporters. This award was created by Dr. E. Paul Torrance and Pansy, his wife, to honor a person who went above and beyond the call of duty for FPS. Nominees should be those who provide outstanding support of FPS at any level – parents, administrators, directors, etc. who are a part of an organized FPS program, a school, a school district, a state education agency, or other support group.

Jeanne Carlson Yes Award Recipients

Maggie Gibson – Texas