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Sources of Innovation and Creativity: A Workplace Report

Have you seen the new Federal Commission on New Skills for the Workplace report? The article is : Sources of Innovation and Creativity: A Summary of the Research, by Karlyn Adams, University of Pennsylvania. The FPS mention is on page 54.

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Problem Solving Style Preferences of Adolescents Research Findings

Dr. Treffinger of the Center for Creative Learning published the results from studies conducted in 2007 and 2008 obtained from VIEW participants.

Creative Learning Today 2007

In this copy of the Creative Learning Today in which an article, Citizens of the Future World:  International Outreach in the FPSP,  by our very own Valerie Volk is provided.  Other interesting articles on creativity are also found in this publication.  Thanks Valerie for your effort and excellent writing on FPSPI! 

Creative Learning Today 2008

Dr. E Paul Torrance


E. Paul Torrance

"The genius of the future will be the creative mind
adapting itself to the shape of things to come."

- E. Paul Torrance
Creativity (1991)

Future Problem Solving Program celebrates Dr. Torrance's life and accomplishments every day as students around the world participate in the activities he and his beloved wife Pansy introduced. His presence is missed, but his spirit and love lives on in the hearts of thousands. 

“The name of E. Paul Torrance will forever be synonymous with creativity research. But for those of us who have been privileged to know him personally, his name is also synonymous with the concern, humility, and generosity which are the marks of a truly great man. It’s no wonder that he is so well loved! Aurora Roldan Manila, Philippines 1992 As quoted in E. Paul Torrance "The Creativity Man”