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The Future Problem Solving Program International provides students with necessary thinking and problem solving skills which will serve them well throughout their lives.

This page is dedicated to bringing you articles which accentuate the benefits of participating in Future Problem Solving Program International!


In this copy of the Creative Learning Today in which an article, Citizens of the Future World:  International Outreach in the FPSP,  by our very own Valerie Volk is provided.  Other interesting articles on creativity are also found in this publication.  Thanks Valerie for your effort and excellent writing on FPSPI! 

Creative Learning Today
How FPSPI uses its curricula to prepare students for the global workplace: 21 Century
Have you seen the new Federal Commission on New Skills for the Workplace report? The article is : Sources of Innovation and Creativity: A Summary of the Research, by Karlyn Adams, University of Pennsylvania. The FPS mention is on page 54. Sources of Innovation and Creativity: A Workplace Report