Jessica Morgan Tucker

Affiliate Program: Tennessee

Name: Jessica Morgan Tucker

FPS component and years of involvement: 2000-2004

Education: Master’s Degree in Music from the University of Oklahoma; Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance from the University of Tennessee Current employment: 2014- Present Perkin Elmer, Inc.; 2014- Present Co-Director of New York Opera, Working in artistic development to popularize opera as an art form; 2012-2014 Weill Cornell Medical Center

How FPS has helped shape career success: I was involved in Future Problem Solvers in Carroll County, Tennessee, in high school and it brought a whole new prospective to learning to me. FPS provided me the opportunity to work with students and teachers who pushed me to hone my writing and critical thinking skills as well as encouraged ingenuity and creativity. I correctly anticipated that these skills would prepare me for collegiate writing assignments and analytical classes, and I graduated with honors in both levels of my higher education. What I did not foresee was the impact FPS would have on my life outside of academia and after college.

I began work at the Weill Cornell Medical College office of External and Public Affairs in midtown Manhattan shortly after moving to NYC. The position was meant to be a temporary one, but my writing skills moved me quickly into copy writing. The “underlying problem” strategy I learned through FPS became my go-to method for complicated medical subjects in medical publications. In January of 2014 I accepted a position as a medical copywriter for Perkin Elmer, Inc.

I am currently working with an organization called the New York Opera that I hope will correct some of the major problems that prohibit classical music particularly opera from attracting audiences from all social levels and audiences. We have launched major campaigns which will begin fall 2014. I cannot adequately find the words to express my gratitude to Ms. Linda Furr and my fellow Future Problem Solvers who have increased my confidence and my skills as well as inspired me to follow my dreams.