Daniel Sun

Affiliate Program: Virginia FPSP

Name: Daniel Sun

FPS component and years of involvement: Middle Division Individual 3rd place (2008); States Senior Division Team 2nd place (2009); States Senior Division Team 1st place (2010); States Senior Division Individual 1st place (2011); Recipient of the VAFPS Senior Scholarship (2011).

Education: Senior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in chemical engineering and mathematics

Current employment: I’m a student. I plan on going to graduate school in chemical engineering.

How FPS has helped shape career success: FPS has taught me to question the world around me and become tuned to how everything interacts with each other. Whether it’s university policy, a professor’s lecture, or national legislation, I consider how people I know and in the margins are affected. FPS gave me experience in planning long term service projects utilizing concrete goals to measure achievement. Right now, the skills I practiced in FPS are incredibly important in promoting service programs within my church and building relationships between the university and East St. Louis, a nearby marginalized community.