What is Scenario Performance?

In Scenario Performance, students choose the FPS annual topic that interests them as they project twenty years into the future and create a futuristic story. This story is not written out in full; it is "told" and should be more "natural" and "spontaneous" in nature. Performances should be creative and entertaining to an audience. Affiliate competition level submission may take the form of a video file showing the student delivering an oral performance of the story, undertaken in one take without any edits, or presented via a live competition performance (each Affiliate Program chooses the method). The use of any "acting", singing, props, or aids beyond the use of the voice and 10 cue cards is not permitted.

Who can participate in Scenario Performance?

Students may participate in Scenario Performance in three divisions (equivalent to grade levels of the USA): Junior (grades 4-6), Middle (grades 7-9), and Senior (grades 10-12). For students who participate in the Global Issues Problem Solving and/or Scenario Writing components of FPSPI. Scenario Performance can serve as an excellent complement to their work on any of the topics. It is also an excellent offering for students who do not participate in other components of FPSPI since the creative storytelling without written requirements may appeal to students.

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How does registration for Scenario Performance happen?

Each Affiliate Program of FPSPI determines its own processes and fees for registration and entries.
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If your Affiliate does not offer the Scenario Performance component. We can offer this component through FPSPI Mentoring.
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International Conference Scenario Champions

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2019 Champs Scenario Writing and Scenario Performance

FPSPI Scenario Handbook 5th Edition

Indispensable manual designed to help teachers effectively guide students in writing scenarios. Explanations of scenario writing techniques, classroom activities, and award-winning student work.

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