What can I bring into the GIPS competition room?

You may only bring the following items to the competition room: pencil, pencil sharpener, pen, highlighter, dictionary/thesaurus in paper form, pack of unopened sticky notes, calculator (non-programmable), and water. No notebook paper, however we do offer blank scrap paper.

Can MAGIC teams participate in Presentation of Action Plan (skits)?

Yes, MAGIC participants are encouraged to join GIPS Teams for Presentation of Action Plans (PAP). Up to 7 participants can be on a PAP team and must join the same or higher division (not lower division). MAGIC students may join a PAP team from any affiliate.

Do MAGIC teammates receive each other’s contact information prior to IC? At IC? At competition time?

Teammates do not get contact information prior to IC – they are given time in the competition room before the competition begins to meet and begin collaboration!

Are MAGIC teams pre-assigned?

Teams are randomly preassigned (no one from same affiliate is on the same MAGIC team). Members of each team are from the same division Junior, Middle, Senior, Adult.

How do we get to IC and/or make travel arrangements?

HMI, FPSPI's official travel partners, can handle your Air Travel, Airport Transfers and exciting optional Sightseeing Tours and more. Visit their website by clicking this link or at: http://hamiltonincentives.com/FPSPI2018/index.html

How do I get access to my score sheets and results?

After the award ceremony score sheets will be distributed to coaches. Results will be posted on the fpspi.org website.

When is the International Conference topic announced?

The International Conference topic is announced March 1st.

Where do I find the access code to register?

  • The access code for Affiliate Champions is found in the International Conference Registration Packet that your Affiliate Director will have.
  • The access code for Affiliate Directors and Board Members is found in the Affiliate Director/Designee International Conference Registration Packet

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost of registering for IC depends on how the person will be participating and where the person intends to be housed and choice of a 3 day or 4 day package. All prices are priced in US dollars and described in the participant registration packet.