What Does the FPS Mentoring Program Do:

The International Office of Future Problem Solvers mentors and provides support to coaches in regions new to FPS, as well as coaches who want to participate in a component their Affiliate Program does not currently offer.

PLEASE NOTE: All materials and evaluations are provided in English. Student work must be submitted in English. Translation must occur prior to submission.


  • Provided after paid registration
  • Includes all information necessary to coach component(s)
  • May be used by a teacher/coach with any number of teams or classes


  • Community Problem Solving – CmPS
    • Individual and Team (unlimited number)
  • Global Issues Problem Solving – GIPS
    • Individual and Team (up to 4 members)
  • Scenario Writing – SW
    • Individual
  • Scenario Performance – ScP
    • Individual

DIVISIONS: (USA grade equivalent)

  • Junior (grades 4-6)
  • Middle (grades 7-9)
  • Senior (grades 10-12)
  • Adult (GIPS team only)

Mentoring at FPS

Mentoring at FPS

Where do FPS Mentored Regions exist?

If your area is not listed, please check our Find an Affiliate page.

View more details and fee information.

FPS Mentored Regions Information and Fees

Annual Mentoring Calendar:

FPS Mentored Regions Calendar 2017-18

To learn more about our mentoring program and how you can participate, please call us at 321-768-0074 or email us at mail@fpspi.org for more information.

Region Contact/Register
China via ROCS
France via ROCS
Hong Kong Gretchen Hundertmark
India via ROCS
Israel Cheryl Whitesitt
Kansas via ROCS
Louisiana Cyd Rogers
Montana John Buissink
Norway via ROCS
Republic of Georgia via ROCS
Russia via ROCS
South Carolina Sandy Horton
Tennessee via ROCS
Thailand Lalitha Nair
Turkey Deb Woythal