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Founded by creativity pioneer, Dr. E. Paul Torrance, Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) stimulates critical and creative thinking skills, encourages students to develop a vision for the future, and prepares students for leadership roles. FPSPI engages students in creative problem solving within the curriculum and provides competitive opportunities.  Future Problem Solving Program International involves thousands of students annually from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.

FPSPI Mission: To develop the ability of young people globally to design and promote positive futures using critical, creative thinking
2014-15 Catalog

FPSPI Catalog of materials available on www.fpspimart.org.


2014 International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards

Applications and submissions are being accepted for the 2014 International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards, through August 8,2014.

The 2014 themes:

  • Beyond Boundaries or Transcending Limits
  • Courageous Endeavor
  • A Huge Step Forward
  • Finding, Discovering, or Uncovering a Solution
  • Choosing a Brighter Tomorrow
  • Building Anew

Awards are given in the following categories:

  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts
  • Music Composition
  • Inventions

Click 2014 International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards for more information.

2014 International Conference Results posted
Visit the International Conference page, 2014 Results.
2014 International Conference Survey

2014 IC atendees! Please complete a brief survey to share your thoughts regarding IC 2014.

2014 IC Survey

2014 International Conference Team and Award Photos and Yearbook

Visit Premier Portraits to view Award and Team photos now. Place your order for the first
IC Yearbook! The yearbook will include all team photos from IC, Award Photos, and many of the events at IC. 

2014 FPSPI "Creating the Future"Scholarship Recipients

Kimberly Bress

Melbourne High School
Melbourne, Florida

Christian Holland
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Bristol
Bristol, UK

Visit the Scholarship page to read more about these exceptional problem solvers.

Vishveshwar Subramanian, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

Honorable Mention:
Ilana Krause, West Shore Jr/Sr High School, Indialantic, Florida
Amanda Royka, North Haven High School, North Haven, Connecticut
Esha Halabe, Morgantown High School, Morgantown, West Virginia

Evaluation of Future Problem Solving Program International

The International Journal of Creativity and Problem Solving will be publishing an article by Treffinger, Selby, & Crume detailing their evaluation of FPSPI!

Preview the article by clicking: Evaluation of Future Problem Solving Program International

FPSPI: Catalyst for Talent Recognition and Development

Future Problem Solving Program International’s new paper, Future Problem Solving Program International: Catalyst for Talent Recognition and Development, prepared by Dr. Donald Treffinger summarizes the relationships among creativity, problem solving, and talent development.  The paper clarifies the important ways in which FPSPI applies and synthesizes those essential dimensions through its programs and activities.  He notes the findings from a recent international program evaluation report (Treffinger, Selby, & Crumel, 2011, pp. 18, 134-135) in which many respondents recognized the important contributions FPSPI makes to meeting the unique needs of high-ability students.

The Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) offers students of many ages a variety of opportunities to learn and apply thinking and problem solving skills that they will need for success throughout life. FPSPI’s components provide:
•   opportunities for engagement and interaction among high-ability, like-minded people and to meet others who love the challenges of problem solving;
•   affirmation that ‘it is all right to be smart and creative;’
•   opportunities for academically talented students to “see others like themselves
     achieving great things.”

Read the complete article for key messages regarding the value of FPSPI and to understand how the program links to educational standards.

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We appreciate the hard work and dedication of those who demonstrate continual support of FPSPI.

FPSPI is a proud supporter of National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and World Council on Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC).

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